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Align your strategies and processes to generate

insights and create value with Real World Data

Real World Data Perspectives - a subscription advisory service

Parnassus Consulting helps research institutions and life sciences organizations leverage Real World Data.

Real World Data (RWD) Perspectives is offered by team of senior advisors from Digital Aurora and Parnassus Consulting who share their deep insights into the availability and applications of RWD.  This service provides a personalized overview of the major developments in the use of RWD across the life science and healthcare industries.  Clients receive four quarterly reports that highlight major developments in the availability and use of RWD.   In addition, clients will participate in and receive the results of an annual survey on the key issues in RWD acquisition and usage.

The Real World Data Perspectives reports cover a wide variety of topics including:

  • New data resources that are accessible for analytics from U.S, European, and Asian sources

  • Research Networks

  • RWD Data Models

  • RWD Platforms and Services

  • RWD / Big Data Technologies

  • The evolving landscape of use cases

  • Frameworks for value-based pricing and reimbursement

  • New analytical methods for use with observational data

  • Partnerships and collaborations

  • The integration of biological data in EHR use in observational studies

  • State, Federal, and ex-US policy developments that impact availability of healthcare data for research

  • Startup and vendor developments

The information in these reports is curated and interpreted by the RWD Perspectives team providing insights into new developments and implications for each industry sector.  This service goes beyond simply providing research reports, clients also receive periodic briefings on the research and can seek guidance of specific topics of interest.

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